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 Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou

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PostSubject: Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou   Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:27 am

Zanpakutou of the Gotei 13

Kurosaki Ichigo
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 067, vol. 008
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 162, vol. 019

Normal: Larger than most zanpakutou, but it has little power due to the fact that Ichigo can't control his spiritual pressure. This form of Ichigo's zanpakutou was broken by Kuchiki Byakuya.

Shi-Kai: Zangetsu (Cutting Moon)
Giant zanpakutou as tall as Ichigo, because of Ichigo's tremendous spiritual pressure Zangetsu can never go into it's sealed state.
- - Zangeki: Getsuga Tensho (Moon Fang Striking The Sky) Zangetsu takes Ichigo's spiritual pressure and releases the super high density pressure from the blade and the Zangeki becomes bigger then explodes.
Ban-Kai: Ten Sa Zan Getsu (Heavenly Chain Cutting The Moon)
Zangetsu turns pure black and is much smaller and sleeker than its shi-kai state, it looks very much like a normal zanpakutou. Though it looks normal all the abilities from Ichigo's Ban-Kai are compressed into the small blade and it's highest ability is super-human speed. Ichigo's appearance also changes from normal shinigami garmants to a sleek black outfit with a black tattered cape, much like Zangetsu's outfit. Hollow Ichigo can use a shooting attack called Black Getsuga 'Black Moon Fang'
Zanpakutou's true form: Middle aged looking man in a tattered black outfit.

Urahara Kisuke
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 065, vol. 008
First Ban-Kai: Never
(Crimson Princess)
Normal: Kept inside of his cane. Because it resides in a cane it's hilt is still the handle of the cane so looks differnt than most zanpakutou's. Urahara's cane also has the ability to seperate souls from their bodies.
Shi-Kai: Benihime (Crimson Princess)
- release command: "Okiro!" ("Wake Up!") and "Nake" ("Sing!")
Changes dramatically as it is no longer in anyway a cane. Benihime can produce a shield and an explosive attack.


1ST division

Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni - Captain of the 1st Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 155, vol 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Ryuujin Jakka (Flame resembling Dragon Godness)
- release command: "Banshou Issai Kaijin To Nase!" ("Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust!")
Oldest and strongest heat based zanpakutou. It's fire can burn anything in the soul world.

Vice-captain of the 1st Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 152, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Gonryoumaru (Strict Ghost ring)
- release command: "ugate" "Pierce Him!"
Ban-Kai: None

2nd Division

Soi Fong - Captain of the 2nd Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 157, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Suzumebachi (killing all the enemies with poison)
- release command: "Jinteki Syakusetsu!"
SoiFong's zanpakutou transforms into a glove with a needle going down her finger. Suzumebachi's ability is called nigeki kessatsu 'dead in two steps' its first attack will leave a death stamp called houmonka 'hornet's crest' on the targets body if the second attack hits the same spot the target will die.
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Oomaeda Marechiyo- Vice-captain of the 2nd Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 152, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Gegetsuburi
- release command: "Buttsubuse!" "Smash Him Into Bits!"
Ban-Kai: None

3rd Division

Ichimaru Gin - Captain of the 3rd Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 075, vol. 009
First Ban-Kai: Never
Normal: Shorter than most zanpakutous. Resembles a wakizashi
Shi-Kai: Shinsou (Divine Spear)
- release command: "Ikorose!" ("Shoot To Death!")
Shinsou extends and shoots towards the enemy like a bullet and cuts them.
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Kira Izuru - Vice-captain of the 3rd Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 101, vol. 12
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Wabisuke (Apologise)
- release command: "Omote wo Agero!" ("Show Your Face!")
Kira's zapakutou transforms so it has a hook like appearance. Increases the weight of anything it touches, each hit will double the weight.
Ban-Kai: None

4th Division

Unohana Retsu - Captain of the 4th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 154, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Minatzuki
- release command unknown
A giant manta-ray type creature that emerges from the hilt of Unohana's zanpakutou. The inside of its stomach has healing abilities.
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Kotetsu Isane- Vice-captain of the 4th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 152, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Itegumo (Frozen Cloud)
- release command: "Hashire!" ("Dash!")
Ban-Kai: None

Yamada Hanatarou- 7th seat of the 4th Division
Normally Hanatarou carries a medical pack instead of a zanpakatou, put he does posses a zanpakutou, named Hisagomuru, but it is only seen in the shinigami illustrated book.

5th Division

Aizen Sousuke- Captain of the 5th Division
Kyouka Suigetsu (Mirror Flower Water Moon)
First Shi-Kai: ????...been using it for quite some time!
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Kyouka Suigetsu (Mirror Flower Water Moon)
- release command: "Kudakero" "break"
Aizen's zanpakutou controls all of the five senses and is able to show the enemy a different size, shape, weight, feeling, and smell of any object or situation. The condition required to enable its ability is to show the enemy the movement of Kyo Suigetsu's awakening from then on they will be under complete hypnosis.
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Hinamori Momo - Vice-captain of the 5th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 101, vol. 12
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Tobiume (Flying Plum)
- release command: "Hajike!" ("Snap!")
Creates orbs of spirit power and send them flying towards the enemy.
Ban-Kai: None

6th Division

Kuchiki Byakuya - 6th division Captain
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 116, vol. 014
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 142, vol. 017
Shi-Kai: Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms)
- release command: "Chire!" ("Scatter!")
senbonzakura shatters into one thousand blades that are so small they can not be seen, when those blades take flight the reflections of the light cause them to look like scattered flower petals. They scatter and shread the enemy.
Ban-Kai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows)
Byakuya releases his zanpakutou and one thousand swords apear all around him. They rise from the ground then those thousand swords scatter and countless flying blades peirce through the enemy. No one knows the exact number of blades generated. No one can see the movements of those blades or dodge them, except Kurosaki Ichigo. Byakuya's Ban-kai's final stage is called Hakutieken (White Imperial Blade)

Abarai Renji - Vice-captain of the 6th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 056, vol 007
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 141, vol. 017
Shi-Kai: Zabimaru (Serpent Tail)
- release command: "Hoero!" ("Howl!")
Renji's zanpakutou grows larger and has a saw like appearence. Zabimaru can extend and retract at Renji's will. It can be thrown around like a whip and slice threw the enemy.
Ban-Kai: Hihiou Zabimaru (Baboon King Zabimaru)
Renji's zanpakutou turns into a giant snake skeleton and coils around the ground with him in the center. Segiments of Hihiou are connected with Renji's spiritual pressure thus making him stronger. Though bulky Hihiou is a great endurance zanpakutou even if it losses one or two segments it can still fight. Hihiou Zabimaru's attack is much like his Shi-Kai where Zabimaru can extend and lash out. Renji can also shield himself with this form of zanpakutou. Renji's appearance also changes he gets a neclace of teeth/claws around his neck as well as a fur jacket type garmant that goes down only one arm and has a skull on the shoulder. Zanpakutou's true form: Baboon with a serpent tail.

7th Division

Komamura Sajin - Captain of the 7th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 139, vol. 016
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 148, vol. 017
Shi-Kai: tenken
Ban-Kai: Kokujoutengenmyouou
An armoured giant appears.

Iba Tetsuzaemon- Vice-captain of the 7th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 160, vol. 019
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: ???? You only see a couple images of it when he's fighting Ikkaku and there poor images also
Ban-Kai: None

Ikkanzaka Jiroubou - 4th seat of the 7th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 091, vol. 011
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Tsunzakigarusu (Splitting Crow)
- release command: Habatakinasai! (Flap your wings!)
Jiroubou's zanpakutou transforms into countless knives (shuriken-like) dancing in the air.
Ban-Kai: None

8th Division

Kyouraku Shunsui - Captain of the 8th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 156, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Katen Kyoukotsu
- release command: "Hana Kaze Midarete Kashin Haki Tenpuu Midarete Tenma Warau" ("Flowers Fall In The Wind, The God Of Flower Weeps The Winds Of Heaven Are Falling Buddah's Laughing")
Shunsui's twin zanpakutou take the shape of arabian swords
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Nanao Ise - Vice-captain of the 8th division-Never seen T.T, perhaps the massive book she carries is her zanpakutou?? Razz

9th Division

Tousen Kaname - Captain of the 9th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 126, vol. 015
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 146, vol. 17
Shi-Kai: Suzumushi (Pure Insect)
- release command: "Nake!" ("Sing!")
Ban-Kai: Enmakoorogi (Cricket Demon Of Darkness)
Creates a number of rings that surrounds the enemy and forms a dome of darkness that takes away your spiritual sense, your sight, your hearing and your sense of smell. The only person who can escape is the one holding Suzumushi.

Hisagi Shuuhei- Vice-captain of the 9th Division-

Woohoo! We finally get Hisagi Shikai!

First Shikai: Chapter 325, vol. 38
First Bankai: Still no Bankai :'(
Shikai: Kazeshini (Wind of death)
-release command: Reap "Karire!" (Reap!)
When released, it takes the form of two Kusarigama-like weapons, each with two blades curving both directions, connected by a long chain. While in this form he is highly adept at swinging the chain in a large circle, and then whipping it forward to entangle an opponent's sword, or other weapon, or immobilizing his arms or legs.

10th Division

Hitsugaya Toushirou - Captain of 10th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 132, vol. 017
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 170, vol. 019,
Shi-Kai: Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)
- release command: "Souten ni Zase!" ("Soar In The Frozen Sky!")
Creates a dragon of water and ice formed by spiritual energy, it can even control the weather. The pressure from Hyourinmaru's water attack is so fierce that it peels the ememies flesh from their bones.
Ban-Kai: Dai Guren Hyourin Maru (Great Red Ice Ring)

Matsumoto Rangiku - Vice-captain of 10th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 169, vol. 020
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Hai Neko (Ash Cat)
- release command: "Unare" "Roar!"
Ban-Kai: None

11th Division

Zaraki Kenpachi- Captain of the 11th Divison
Kenpachi has neither Shikai nor Bankai as he does not know the name of his zanpakutou, but after he first battles Ichigo he is determined to discover its name, but so far has not suceeded.

Yachiro -Vice-captain of the 11th Division
She has a zanpakutou that she carries around via a peice of string and wheels

Ayasegawa Yumichika - 5th seat of the 11th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 89, vol. 011
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Fujikujaku (Vine Peacock)
- release command unknown
Yumichika's zanpakutou transforms into a scythe and spilts into four blades each connecting to the hilt. Final form is demon-arts using and looks peacock tail feathers. it has the ability to drain the enemies spiritual power. Yumichika keeps this kidou ability of his zanpukutoh secret, as it is an embarassment for anyone in the 11th division to have a zanpukutou that use kidou
Ban-Kai: None

Madarame Ikkaku - 3rd seat of the 11th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 087, vol. 010
First Ban-Kai: -/-
Shi-Kai: Hoozukimaru (Ogre Lamp)
- release command: "Nobiro!" ("Grow!") and "Sakero!" ("Split!")
Madarame's zanpakutou transforms into a halbred. While in it Shi-Kai form calling out split causes his zanpakutou to split into links, in which case his zanpakutou is no longer a halbred it's a sansetsukon (three-piece nunchaku)
Ban-Kai: Ryuumon Hoozukimaru (Dragon Crest Ogre Lamp)
Ikkaku's Ban-kai is immense. It is composed of 3 huge blades, two which he mainly uses for fighting, and one above his head. The blade above his head is the most important blade. It has the carving of a dragon. When it's awoken, it releases a red dye, and when it has fully released this dye, Ryuushin Hoozukimaru's full distructive powers are unleashed.

12th Division

Kurotsuchi Mayuri - Captain of the 12th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 122, vol. 014
First Ban-Kai: Chapter 125, vol. 015
Shi-Kai: Ashisogi Jizou (Beast-Killing Priest)
- release command: "Kakimushire!" ("Tear off!")
Mayuri's zanpakutou turns into a weird staff like weapon with three prongs coming out the top. Ashisogi uses poison to sever the neural connections that transfer mobility signals from your brain to your arms and legs, it produces this drug all on it's own.
Ban-Kai: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou (Golden Beast-Killing Priest)
Mayuri's Ban-Kai is strange it looks like a giant babyish alien with a ring around it's head and a pile of swords coming out it's chest. It Converts Mayuri's blood into a poisonous fog and spreads two hundred yards in radius.

Nemu Kurotsuchi-
Has never been seen to use her zanpakutou as it seems she prefers hand-to-hand combat.

13th Division

Ukitate Jyuushirou - Captain of the 13th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 156, vol. 018
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Sougyo No Kotowari
- release command: "Namie Kotogotoku Wa Ga Tate To Nare Ikazuchi Kotogotoku Wa Ga Yaiba To Nare" ("Every Wave Become My Shield, Every Lightning Become My Sword")
Jyuushirou's zanpakutou splits into two swords with hooks emerging from the center.
Ban-Kai: Unknown

Kiyone and SentarĊ-3rd seat/liutenants of the 13th Division
Nothing has been seen of either of the two shinigami, as they always arrive after the battle has finished, due to the fact they fight between each other to get there first.

Shiba Kaien- Vice-captain of 13th Division *Deceased*
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 135, vol. 017
- release command: "Suiten Sakamake" "Seethe the water sky"
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Nejibana (Reverse Swirl)

Kuchiki Rukia- ??? of the 13th Division
First Shi-Kai: Chapter 201, vol. 024
First Ban-Kai: Never
Shi-Kai: Sode no Shirayuki (Sleeve of the White Snow)
- release command: "Mae" "Dance"
Soul Society regards it as the most beautiful Zanpakutou in existence. It's a weapon that's bound to the ice and snow family of Zanpaku. The blade, the handguard, even the hilt, everything about this Zanpaku is pure white.
-First Dance: Tsukishiro, Sode no Shirayuki does not only freeze the land it touches but anything that lies within its circle
Ban-Kai: None

-If you find any mistakes please pm me Razz -

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou   Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:49 pm

Did you really type all this?
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou   Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:11 pm

yup... every word there was written by yours truly

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou   

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Guide to the Gotei 13 Zanpakutou
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