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 Gotei 13 RP Character Creation

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PostSubject: Gotei 13 RP Character Creation   Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:55 am

To Become a member, you must:
- Love Bleach.
- Have a desire to RolePlay on a forum.
- Be a general nice person.
- Have Fun

Now there are some rules to making a character, and here they are, first think of how Bleach characters are. Zaraki Kenpachi, he has incredible strength, and an almost unlimited amount of reiatsu.
However, he cannot release his shikai, let alone his bankai, also he can’t do kidou. So to have one strength, there must be some kind of flaw to add to that.


1. No God-like characters, no making your characters invincible, it ruins the story.

2. Do not kill off other peoples characters, unless the person gives you permission.

3. Always explain if your how your character manages to avoid an attack that should have killed them.


1st Division

Speciality: One-on-One Combat

Shinigami who join the 1st Division specialize in One-on-One combat, and are usually assigned the harder missions.
This is due to their elite mastery of their Zanpakuto, and their powerful abilities that can handle almost any situation.
Normally, 1s Division members don't come straight from the academy, but from other the other Divisions themselves.
If a 1st Division member is on the battlefield, they will automatically take charge of other charge of other Division members, but this is only the case if there are no higher ranking members or captains.
They tend to get along with everyone, preferring no Division more than the others, they are strong and reliable, but not arrogant.

Seated members-

2nd Division

Speciality: Recon, Spec-Ops, Vanguard

The 2nd Division is devoted to the pratices of Recon and Vanguard maneuvers, they are know for their versatility in both Solo and Cooperative missions, but they are well known for their tandem missons with others of their Division.
All 2nd Division members are rigorously trained to be team-orientated.
During a battle, all members gather information on their opponents before it is lost in the heat of battle, giving them the name, Recon, they also specialize in devastating initial attacks, so to throw their enemies off guard.
Also they weild an array of specialized weapons and tools, so they can deal with worst case scenarios.
The strengths are honed to the fullest and any weaknesses, if any, are over-shadowed by their specialties.
They are resourcefull, focused, ingenious and loyal to Seireitei, their ability to sum up a pressuring situation is awe-inspiring, yet they are easily befriended and trusted by others.

Seated members-

3rd Division

Speciality: Blitzkrieg Offense

3rd divisioners avoid long-drawn out battles, usually aiming to kill or bypass an enemy as quickly as possible before moving on to another target. As such, their overall stamina is more focused towards short bursts of great speed and power rather than a continual burn of energy. They prefer to dance around an opponent's attacks rather than block or tank them, then strike their enemy in a critical area and end the fight.
Due to the stress they undertake in every mission, members of the 3rd Division usually develop a dare-devil personality.
They are powerfull allies and fatal enemies.

Seated members-

4th Division

Speciality: Advanced Healing

The defining characteristics of any member of this Division is their natural ability or affinity for healing others.
Generally, they are kind individuals with soothing presences. Infused with patience and generosity, members of this division are well-trained in situations of emergency, and are thus strong-decision makers as well as quick, innovative and strategic thinkers.
Though many think that they choose to heal because they are weak, it is little known that the 4th Division are also great warriors, but they choose to ease pan. not cause it.
4th Division members are usually very kind and caring, promoting a sense of family, and are rarely seen to lose their tempers.

Seated members-

5th Division

Speciality: Kidou Prowess

Members of the 5th Division focus on Defensive and Offensive Kidou, Hadou and Bakudou, most of their atacks are based on Zanjutsu, and the application of Kidou during battle.
Members of the fifth division are capable with a sword, and as such, can fight alongside other divisions, for the most part, however, they are warriors who follow a dual path of using both their spirit and body to fight their enemies.

Seated members-

6th Division

Speciality: Tactics

A Tactician is one who fights using stratagy to prevail in combat. This 6th division members are highly adaptable and when given a focus can quickly perfect any area they wish to enter. Any good tactician knows that you should always hold a little something back just in case and it is for this reason that the 6th members hold back.
They will wait behind the lines taking in the information gathered and then move appropriately, hopefully avoiding being out manoeuvred by the enemy, they work in close conjuction with the 2nd Division.
They are usually calm and reserved, but they are easily trusted.

Seated members-

7th Division

Speciality: Elite Hakuda Mastery

7th Division members are normally calm and easy going, at peace with themselves and the world around them.
Yet when they turn their mind to it, there's little that can stand in their path.
The members of the division are respectful of authority, the division HQ itself being ran as a strict dojo at all times.

Seated members-

8th Division

Speciality: Central Intelligence

The 8th Division is a covert Division, specialising in espionage and assasination, they work closely with the 2nd Divisiona and the 6th Division.
The Division itself is shrouded in secrecy and not everything about it is open to eyes.
If someone is heavily hurt and hinders the mission, they WILL be left behind for the sake of the mission.
The division accepts only those who are capable of this line of work. Typically the division will split up members into tactical teams to carry out infiltration work.

9th Division

Speciality: Sensory

9th Division focus on the 5 senses, and it's use during battle. Most 9th Division members have a Light or sound based Zanpakuto, but there are rarer types, like those based on touch or taste. They are also very close to the 3rd Division, and are frequenty found together on the battlefield. Normally 9th Division members have many friends, and they treat the Division like an extended family.

Seated members-

10th Division

Speciality: Divine Elements

Its primary objective as increasing one’s potential knowledge on the divine elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, and also using this knowledge to become better fighters, manipulating more of their specialty and harnessing nature’s power. This division specializes in what classified as elemental zanpakutous, and those with zanpakutous that fall under that category are encouraged to join and fully master their potential, as well as see improvements on their powers.
Each person in the 10th Division should possess basic combat abilities, and have zanjutsu as one of their stronger traits. A 10th division member should do his duty, and work hard to reach beyond the limit – seriousness is expected, although there are times when one should relax.

Seated members-

11th Division

Speciality: Heavy Combat

Members of this division are hard to stop. Like the symbol of the Division, a swirling cloud indicative of an unstoppable storm, they go one way- forward. Fearless, bloodthirsty, strong, and skilled are just a few words to describe them. They strike fast, hard, and always aim to kill. The ability to take hits and keep moving is what seperates members of this division from the rest of Gotei 13. Their strength lies primarily with fighting skills and not so much with kidou, though a few kidou specialists exist. If it's guaranteed to be tough and bloody, the 11th Division are the first ones to call.
Most of their exploits seem like suicide missions but oddly enough, they have a high survival rate. When in combat, they are professional and take their work seriously but during off hours, they are easily the rowdiest party animals in Seireitei.

Seated members-

12th Division

Speciality: Arcane Knowledge

They work with things as simple as household items to weaponry, producing devices and weapons for the Keigun and other Central organizations also making defense items for the Seireitei. They are also known to produce and perform combat enhancing items and objects along with other useful nitnacks that are used in the user’s specific line of work.
The members of the 12th Division are known for intelligence. They have a very acute understanding of the world and are greatly curious about anything they can't understand, making them not only great scientist but also skilled combatants when needed.

Seated members-

13th Division

Speciality: Imperial Defense

Members of the 13th division are intensely trained to achieve maximum strength in all areas. To these people, true, inner strength is second only to loyalty in the hierarchy of attributes. This division is especially close to their captain and are trained from the moment they enter the thirteenth division to achieve their maximum potential.
Because members of this division receive such hands on training from their captain, they tend to be fiercely loyal and leaving the division without expressed permission is likely to be met with death at the hands of other thirteenth division members. The reasoning behind this is that if one is not loyal enough to remain in a single division, how can that person be expected to defend against unspeakable odds.

Seated members-


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PostSubject: Application   Sat Jan 17, 2009 10:28 am

So this is were you can post your characters' bio, you can come back and change things if there's something you don't like, or it doesn't fit with the characters storyline, but nothing to drastic, and remember to tell people you've changed your character.

Name: Obviously what you want to be called
Division: Does it need explaining?
Seat: Or this?
Age: Real age and appearance age
Gender: Well... Yeah...

Physical Appearance


*Be specific, so everyone can relate to your character*


It's brilliant to have good characteristics, but your character needs flaws, after all, they might be dead, but they are human... Be descriptive, say what your character likes, dislikes, hobbies...

Life before Death

Gives a bit of background to the character, it doesn't have to be pages long, ascally their family, their jobs, their school life...etc.

Shinigami Life

How they died, what they did in Rukongai, where they lived, where they worked, when they joined the academy...


*They must be original, no Masamunes, or Zangetsus...Also, only three captains, and one vice-captain may have a dual zanpakuto. Only Captains may have the Shinno and Kyoushou Bankai*

Zanpakuto name

It can be either English or another language, but always put the translation.

- Fire
- Ice
- Water
- Electric
- Weather
- Melee
- Psychic
- Earth
- Metal
- Air
- Summon
- Dual
- light
- darkness
- Other


Describes the general abilities of the blade.

- Kidou
- Melee
- Attributed
- Faceted (More than 5 abilities)
- Summon
- Dual
- Other

Zanpakuto sealed form:

Wha does your Zanpakuto look like normally?

Zanpakuto shikai form:

What does your Zanpakuto looks like in shikai?

Zanpakuto Shikai release:

It can be either English or another language, but always put the translation.

Zanpakuto Bankai form:

Does your Zanpakuto have bankai? What does it look like?

Zanpakuto Bankai release:

It can be either English or another language, but always put the translation.

Shinno Bankai:


Kyoushou Bankai:


Zanpakutos manifestation:

What does you Zanpakutos' manifestation spirit look like?


Do you have a picture of your character? Or a look alike? Or something that might look like your Zanpakuto? Or it's maifestation? Remember, you don't have to post something here! albino


Is there a song tha reminds you of your character? Then put the title and artist, or just the link to youtube

Spoiler Storylines

Again, this is only if your character has a backing story that might effect the storyline, and you want it to be a surprise, then just pm me, or send me an e-mail, and I'll take a look.
The pm is the button below this post, just click on that to send me a personal message, I'll write back as soon as.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 RP Character Creation   Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:20 pm

Name: Sakushiro Yuuko (White Peace Evening Child)
Division: First Division
Seat: Captain
Age: 318 (Appears to be early 20’s)
Gender: Female

Hair: Long dark hair, usually pinned back
Eyes: Dark Blue/Grey
Skin: Pale
Height: 5 6”

Personality: She is very quiet and calm, even in the heat of battle, and is serious almost all the time; her jokes tend to be taken seriously, much to her annoyance.
She has a subtle stubborn streak, rarely giving up on any task she finishes, also she finds that men underestimate he strength, as she is a woman, this is possibly the only thing that can loose her composure.
Sakushiro also seems to spend most of her time filling in paperwork and doing captain things, so when she gets she gets a free day, she spends it lying around and drinking sake.

Life before Death: She died at the age of 16, when she was killed by a hollow rampaged through her town, killing her and her family. Sakushiro lived in a family of 4 sisters, of which she was the second youngest.

Shinigami life: She lived in Rukongai’s 3rd District, where she worked in the district library, which rivalled the Spiritual Archives.
One day a shinigami came in looking for documents that they couldn’t find in their own database, and he noticed Sakushiro’s reiatsu level, and asked her if she had thought of enrolling in the Academy as a shinigami, when she didn’t reply, the shinigami left with the document.
She thought about it for a while, and then she decided that the best way to avenge the death of her family.
She relies mostly on melee attacks, as she feels kidou attacks aren’t as trustworthy, thought she is still proficient in kidou.


Name: Yukihakanai (Fleeting snow)
Class: Ice
Type: Attributed
Sealed form: White katana with a ice blue guard

Shikai: Houyou sono awai, Yukihakanai (Embrace the light, fleeting snow)

Ability: It allows the wielder to control snow and ice, but its appearance does not change.

Bankai: Yukihakanai, hiyusono kasuka fuyu (Fleeting snow, heal the fragile winter)
Appearance: The black hilt changes colour to white, and the blade grows longer, thinner and becomes almost see through, like ice.

Ability: With each direct hit to the opponents hands begin to freeze and they can no longer hold their weapons. It also gives her improved speed and strength.

Shinno Bankai: Gives Sakushiro the power to control ice and snow storms that can trap enemies and then make them shatter into thousands of pieces, it also gives her the ability to heal herself or her comrades.

Appearance: Yukihakanais' Shinno Bankai is only slightly different from Bankai, there is a silver guard shaped like a snowflake that can protect her hands from the ice, and it is worn on the back as it is too long to be worn at her hip.

Kyoushou Bankai: Gives Sakushiro the appearance of a wolf made entirely of snow flakes, it gives her the abilities of a wolf, making her far faster and doubles the attack power when she hits.
The powers of her kyoushou bankai are legendary, and it is very rare that she ever has to release her bankai to the kyoushou level, it has only ever been seen twice.

Avatar: Yukihakanai takes the form of a wolf made of thousands of snowflakes.


Only look alikes, but that's as good as it's getting.

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Captain Hitsugaya
Captain Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 RP Character Creation   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 RP Character Creation   

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Gotei 13 RP Character Creation
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